Sunday, September 26

Two, three weeks

Two weeks ago we'd just about got home, three weeks ago we were there, in New Orleans (and this time next week I'll be heading north from Glasgow, en route to Invergarry)

So - lots of memories, lots of writing - mostly to go into the HoW book which I am extremely eager to see since if everyone is as greedy for space as I've been it should be a well-packed book of wonderful memories.

Lots of photographs too - I've finally found how to upload photos onto Isabelle's HoWNow site and looked with pleasure at those from Mike and Michael - hope everyone else puts theirs up there soon.

And talk already - we were talking a fortnight ago - of the next one - and where and when and who we most urgently want to see (another frequently-occurring topic of conversation)

It'll be something to look forward to for sure.

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